Our Mission

Wyoming Families For Hands & Voices is parent driven, non-profit organization that provides unbiased support to families of deaf and hard of hearing children to assist them in reaching their fullest potential.

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Family Gatherings

     are sponsored by Wyoming             Families for Hands & Voices             throughout the state.

Unbiased Support

to Wyoming families regardless of their chosen communication modes or methodology.

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   to the Hands & Voices National       Communicator and the                     Wyoming Families for Hands &       Voices newsletter.


“As I learned of my son’s hearing loss, it helped to have other moms and dads to connect with. I could call them when I needed to talk to someone about my feelings, what to do next, etc. When I heard about Hands & Voices, I felt that Wyoming could really benefit from this kind of parent support network.”

Wendy Hewitt

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Wyoming Families For Hands & Voices