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Our Mission

Wyoming Families For Hands & Voices  is a  parent-driven organization, but highly collaborative with professionals who are represented on our advisory board, and make up approximately one third of our membership. We work at both the local and national levels. Our state chapter provides local and regional support consistent with the Hands & Voices non-biased philosophy and mission. In addition to family support, we strive to be meaningfully involved at the systems development level.

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Family Gatherings

are sponsored by Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices throughout the state.

Unbiased Support

to Wyoming families regardless of their chosen communication modes or methodology.

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“As I learned of my son’s hearing loss, it helped to have other moms and dads to connect with. I could call them when I needed to talk to someone about my feelings, what to do next, etc. When I heard about Hands & Voices, I felt that Wyoming could really benefit from this kind of parent support network.”

Wendy Hewitt

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Wyoming Families For Hands & Voices