307-780-6476 (Wendy) or 307-640-0727 (Mandy) [email protected]


Newborn Hearing Screening/Early Intervention Services
Wyoming Early Hearing, Detection, and Intervention (EHDI)  www.wyomingehdi.org
This link will provide you with information about Wyoming newborn hearing screening and early intervention services.
Contact phone number-Nancy Pajak (307) 721-6212
Educational and Advocacy Support
Wyoming Department of Education Deaf/Hard of Hearing Outreach Services 

This link will provide you with information about services related intervention and educational support for your child birth through age 21.
Contact phone number-Janine Cole (307) 777-6376
Wyoming Parent Information Center (PIC)                       www.wpic.org
This link will provide you with information such as the pop up IEP, and other advocacy information and support resources. A link can also be found that will give information regarding support and referral to families of children with disabilities.
Contact phone number – Terri Dawson 1-800-660-9742
Children’s Special Health Program:
Wyoming Department of Health, Community and Public Health, Maternal and Family Health


Developmental Preschools:
Wyoming Department of Health – Developmental Disabilities Division – Preschool Organizations (Regional Child Development Centers) http://www.cdswy.org/